The Real Difference Between Synthetic And Human Hair

The Real Difference Between Synthetic And Human Hair - Zebra Virgin Hair

Synthetic or human hair extensions can make a hell of a difference in one's appearance. If only you choose the right type.


There are mainly two types of hair extensions available, synthetic hair and virgin human hair.

Today we'll discuss everything you might want to know about the types of hair extensions before making a purchase.


Before we rush to learn the difference between synthetic and human hair, let's first get to know what synthetic hair, virgin human hair, and human hair really are, individually.


What Is Synthetic Hair?

The synthetic hair is made using man-made materials like nylon, polyester, acrylic, and more. The material used is heated and then passed through micro tubes, resulting in fine hair-like fibers, which are then glued together in the form of a wig or extensions and given various styles.



What Is Virgin Human Hair?

Virgin human hair extensions are made using real human hair. But that's not all. Virgin human hair means that the hair used for making these extensions are not chemically treated and come from one donor. The cuticles are often intact, and the hair is never dyed or has gone through any chemical treatment.



What Is Synthetic Human Hair?

Simply put, It is human hair, but unlike the virgin human hair, these come from a variety of donors. Their cuticles are not aligned, and they may be chemically treated.

Although they look similar to virgin human hair, they do not flow as naturally as their cuticles are not aligned. However, they cost less than any virgin human hair wig or extension, so that's a plus!

Other than that, they have similar care and quality like that of virgin human hair.


The Difference Between Synthetic And Human Hair:


The main difference between the two types of hair lies in its fiber. Synthetic hair is made using non-human fibers, while human hair is made using naturally existing human hair fiber.


Synthetic Hair VS Human Hair:


How long does each last?


Now both Synthetic Hair and Human hair come in a variety of categories. You can find cheap human hair and cheap synthetic hair, each of which have their own lasting time.

However, if we are talking in general, synthetic Hair lasts up to 3 to 5 months, while Human Hair can last somewhere over a year. This is given that both hair wigs or extensions are taken good care of.


Learn everything about how to take care of hair wigs! (Interlink the third article about how to take care of wigs here)



Do they both look equally natural?


Natural-looking hair that is healthy and requires much less care is every girl's dream. Well, surprisingly, both synthetic hair, as well as human hair can look pleasingly natural.

However, if talking about equally, then human hair obviously wins! Especially virgin human hair.

Despite great advances in technology, man can't make a ditto copy of the human hair fiber.

That being said, synthetic hair looks natural enough not to be told apart. This means unless you have a natural hair wig to compare to, synthetic hair wigs look absolutely gorgeous. If, of course, used the right way.


(You can interlink any of your OWN article explaining how to wear a wig.)


Can they be styled?


Styling a natural human hair wig is like styling your own hair. Curl them up or straighten them down. Do as you please!


But synthetic hair, not so much. In fact, l heating tools can damage and melt the fibers of your synthetic hair wig.

That being said, synthetic hair has a memory fiber and comes in a variety of styles. This means if you purchase a wavy synthetic hair wig, it will stay wavy till the day it lasts. Yes, even after washing. The same goes for curly or straight. So you don't have to need to style them over and over again necessarily.


However, one style can't be changed to the other in synthetic hair wigs, unlike human hair wigs.


Can they be dyed?


Just like styling, dying is also a treatment that can only be done to Human hair wigs. Whether you want to turn them blond or a striking red, you can do it all.


Synthetic hair, however, cannot be dyed or made to go through any chemical treatments whatsoever.

If it helps, synthetic hair comes in a variety of colors.


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Which is easier to manage?


How much your natural set of a mane needs time and effort? Well, that's exactly how much you will require for a set of human hair wigs. From frequent hair washes to styling and use of products like heat protectants.

So while you can style and dye them, they will also require the set products and effort to maintain them.


While synthetic wigs require much less maintenance, depending on your use, synthetic wigs require a wash once a week if used daily. Otherwise, once a month if used occasionally. Other than shampoo and conditioner, there is no need for any other product.


Are they affordable?


Each has their own set of prices. A natural human hair wig obviously costs more than a synthetic hair wig. A virgin human hair wig remains the priciest.

You can, however, find cheap versions of each, but do not expect the same quality that comes with the high-priced wigs.



It all depends on your use and needs. If you are looking to wear a hair wig on a daily basis, a natural-looking virgin hair wig is the best investment.

However, if you are only looking to buy it for a particular event or occasion, then it is best to invest in a synthetic hair wig, as it will be more cost-effective.


Also, weather plays a huge part in choosing between virgin human hair and synthetic hair. Because like natural hair, human hair wigs will frizz up or lose style when in humid conditions. While synthetic hair, given their memory fiber, will stay as-is - no fizziness or anything even in the most humid of conditions.

So choose what suits your needs best.


Once you have everything under consideration, buying both virgin human hair or synthetic hair will take no more than 5 minutes. Just a few clicks and they shall be at your doorstep in a matter of days. So what's the wait? Buy now from (ENTER YOUR WEBSITE NAME AND LINK) and Flip, Pose and Repeat!  

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