How To Make My Wig Last Long—- Best Wig Care Tips

How To Make My Wig Last Long—- Best Wig Care Tips - Zebra Virgin Hair

Owning a piece of hair wig is one thing, but taking good care of it and making it last is another.

This article will leave you with some amazing wig care tips and fill you with everything you should know about how to take care of wigs.


Now wigs only look good when:

A). Worn properly.

B). The wig is kept in good shape.


Now, although the former reason is as important, we have kept it to discuss for some other day. Today we are going to focus on how to take care of wigs.


Whether you are looking for tips for synthetic wig care or virgin wig care, you will learn all by the end of this read.


So let’s begin!


How To Take Care Of Wigs?

A question that many ask, but most fail to answer properly. So we decided to take the matter into our hands and let you in on our secret to luscious-looking hair wigs, even after days of usage.


Worried about being judged for wearing a wig?

Not anymore, because with a well-kept hair wig, no one will be able to tell the difference.

So here are some wig care tips right from the wig bible that will help keep your wig looking natural and fresh as ever.



  • Use Designated Wig Products.

Buying a wig can be costly. But you wouldn't want to waste that investment by using cheap hair products, especially on a virgin hair wig.

Not only will cheap shampoos and conditioners deform the hair wig's texture and color, but they also lessen its life.

If you want your hair wig - synthetic or virgin, to the last longer, make sure to purchase a set of wig shampoo and conditioner, along with a wig comb.

Consider this as part of the investment because with

 these, your hair wig will live to its optimal.




  • Don't Wash Too Often.

Whether it's your natural hair or extensions, washing them too often can result in dryness and brittle texture. While natural hair may rejuvenate over time, your hair wig will not.

Once the damage is done, it is irreversible.

If you want your hair wig to look shiny and luscious for long, make sure to limit washes to once a week, using nothing but special hair wig products.


  • Heating Tools Can Damage The Wig.

Just as how dangerous heating tools can be for your natural hair, they can be dangerous for hair wigs too. While virgin human hair may be able to withstand some heat, synthetic wigs will simply begin to melt.

And mind it, any damage done will be irreversible.


  • Limit The Use Of Extra Hair Products.

Hair wigs don't require any more than 2 products - shampoo and conditioner. Any other products are not only a waste of your own money but may also cause your hair wig some serious damage.

One such example is hairspray. Chemicals in hairspray can cause your wig to lose color and turn greasy. The excess buildup of the product can also result in excessive breakage.


That being said, a heat protectant serum for virgin hair wigs is a good purchase, as it helps protect the hair fiber from excess heat, just as it does to your naturally growing hair.


  • Shower Gently.

Naturally, when showering, we make sure to scrub the scalp bed using our nails. Not when washing wig hair, even if they are virgin human hair wigs.


Here is a list of dos and don'ts when washing synthetic or virgin hair wig:



  • No scrubbing
  • No wringing
  • Do not wash the wig while you are still wearing it.


  • Wash with designated wig shampoo
  • Soak the wig in shampoo water for a few minutes.
  • Using a tooth comb, rinse out the product while under running water.
  • Do the same with the conditioner.
  • Let the hair wig dry naturally.



  • Keep More Than One Wig.

One way to make sure that your wig looks fresh and lasts longer is to keep two!

Especially if you are using it daily or more frequently, more usage means more wear and tear, which naturally begins to show on the wig with time.

Also, when you wear a wig repeatedly, it's prone to more frequent washes, further affecting its life.


Another benefit of keeping more than 1 wig is that you can choose different styles to wear. One for when you want to carry a straight and sleek look. While the other for when you want a volumized, bouncy look with curls.



  • Sleeping With The Wig On Is A Deal Breaker.

NEVER EVER SLEEP WITH A WIG ON! Especially if it's synthetic.

Unless you want to go out with hair that looks like a nest the next morning.

Bed hair is as real for hair wigs as they are for your natural hair. In fact, they are worse, especially if you are wearing a synthetic wig.



It's always best to keep the wig hanging on the nightstand -  covered.


Which brings us to our next point.


  • Store The Wig Properly When Not In Use.

Storing the wig properly is key. Care for it like you would care for your Louis Vuitton bag.

Whether made with synthetic hair or virgin human hair, make sure to keep the wig hanging upright at all times and covered with a dust-proof bag.

If you lay the wig, there are chances your hair wig will come out tangled.

Weather also plays a great role when it comes to storing the wig properly.

Both dry and hot weather can affect the quality of hair wigs. So make sure to store it in a cold environment with some little humidity.



  • Keep Your Stylist On Speed Dial.


Thinking of giving your hair wig a trim?


To answer this, tell me would you cut your own hair?

If the answer to this question is no, then there is no reason to try cutting your hair wig either.


Remember one wrong move, and you will lose the inches forever because it's not like they will grow back with time, even if it is a virgin human hair wig.

So whether it's styling, cutting, or dying, make sure to contact a stylist who is well versed in styling hair wigs.



Use these tips for both synthetic wig care as well as virgin wig care to make the most out of your purchase!

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